Post Banquet Banquet

We are thinking about having a bonus OUSFG Banquet in trinity 2003; this would be a more modest affair than the real thing, held partly as a sop to those who couldn't make it to the previous event.

At present (28/5/2003), the idea has little more than a name. Expressions of interest and suggestions for what be done are extremely welcome. If you'd rather email than write here, please do so - <> or OUSFG Chat will listen to you.


Questions that need answers:

People saying out loud that they're interested:

Pop Bitch-vs-D&D-style cryptic list of people saying they're interested who haven't yet owned up (mostly useful as an aide memoire to Tom Anderson):

Pointless copy of the message to OUSFG Announce:

A few people who wanted to weren't able to make it to the OUSFG Banquet
earlier this term; consequently, the idea has surfaced of having a second
banquet - the Official Post-Banquet Banquet - to give people a second
chance. Whilst this may seem somewhat irregular, we've had the banquet
twice already this year, so it's all good zeitgeisty fun.
Anyway, this idea is at present rather nebulous; we don't know how many
people will want to come, what they will want to do, where they will want
to go, how they will want to dress, how much they will want to spend, when
they will want to do it, or, indeed, very much else.
So, if you're interested in coming, email me (feeling free to make
suggestions), and/or read and/or write on:
Plans will probably be discussed on ousfg-chat and at meetings, and an
announcement made when a plan is made, so if you don't get in touch, you
can still keep track of the idea. However, if not many people do get it
touch, it may just not happen. So now you know.

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