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Warning: this is borken

Yin to Recent Changes' yang. Twic I will show you what the Recent Views of its pages were:

Some canned links:

This facility is actually not quite right. The view time used is the last access time of the file in which the page contents are stored; this is updated not only by views, but by such things as users logged into urchin examining them. Oh, and by backlinks searches. And the nightly backup. Damn. This will get fixed once the new Back Links Implementation is in place, though. Since this will not be for a while, Recent Views will remain a good idea wrongly implemented for quite a while.

Personally, i think this is a winning hack, even if it doesn't actually work. -- TA

Once it's mended, will you add it to Recent Changes in the toolbar at the bottom, or put it somewhere moderately prominent or accessible? I agree, it is a good feature --TL

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