Rudy Rucker

An American mathematician and writer. He writes a blend of Mathematical SF and Kerouac-tinged craziness which he calls 'transrealism', he has been known to associate with cyberpunks, and he all but worships Philip K Dick. Nonetheless, he's pretty good.

His novel 'White Light' is an excellent tour of the mathematics of infinity, and it has Franz Kafka (in cockroach form) in it. Highly enjoyable even for non-mathematicians!

He is a proponent of several new terms: 'gnarly' (meaning something like 'on the edge of chaos-in-the-technical-sense', which means something very deep but a bit hard to explain - something like 'complex enough to be interesting but not so complex as to just be a mess') and 'twink' (a verb meaning to simulate another person's personality in your own mind, to let the simulation take possession of you, for some unclear purpose).

His son is Rudy Rucker Jnr?. The two Rudys (Rudies..?) have collaborated on at least one story:

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