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'Lo Bob!

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Here's me testing this

Me se /testing/ this== $opts['fdd']['catid'] ['values'] ['column'] = 'catid'; Hello world... were are you

Blimey, I did that!

I'm getting bolder.

I think you're all very brave....

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No this is not Wikipedia. Works differently. Click on 'Source' to find out. And please don't spam us, every time you spam us God kills a kitten. Think of the kittens!

I think someone was trying a code block there; that needs to follow a couple of newlines too, like so:

opts['fdd']['cat_id'] ['values'] ['column'] = 'cat_id';

Can i still edit? How about Create New Pages - maybe one on Haruki Murakami?

Is this a security hole i see before me?

Is this thing still on?

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