Sci Fi London

A London-based SF film festival. Takes place annually in late January/early February.

The rest of this page is about Sci Fi London 2005?. This year, they have so far provided showing times for the 2005 films (not the short films though) but not an overall timetable. Niall Harrison has therefore thoroughly pwned the schedule and written it up below; there seem to be some inconsistencies in their timings, so don't take this as gospel.

Screenings of films which are shown more than once are marked with a screening ordinal in italics. And parentheses. Films which are also shown as part of an all-nighter are marked with a letter, as is the corresponding all-nighter.

Wednesday 2nd February

1830Able EdwardsOdeon Panton St
2110The PurifiersCurzon Soho

Thursday 3rd February

1800StonersOdeon Panton St
1800Chasing GodOdeon Panton St
2100Primer (1)Odeon Panton St
2030Auto DestructOdeon Panton St
2120SlipstreamCurzon Soho
2300Super Inframan (S)Curzon Soho

Friday 4th February

1400Tempus Fugit (1)Odeon Panton St
1620Recon 2020 (1)Odeon Panton St
1845Lady Death (A)Odeon Panton St
1900Trekkies 2Curzon Soho
2110Cube ZeroCurzon Soho

Saturday 5th February

1250Primer (2)Odeon Panton St
1615SteamboyCurzon Soho
1715Tempus Fugit (2)Odeon Panton St
1900The MachinistCurzon Soho
1910Nightingale in a Musicbox (1)Odeon Panton St
2110Recon 2020 (2)Odeon Panton St
0000Matrix all-nighterCurzon Soho
0000Shaw Brothers all-nighter (S)Curzon Soho
0000Anime all-nighter (A)Curzon Soho

Sunday 6th February

1400Nightingale in a Musicbox (2)Odeon Panton St
1615Primer (3)Odeon Panton St
1630Saving Star WarsCurzon Soho

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