Science Fiction Bums

The Science Fiction Bums (SF Bums for short) are the out-of-term rump of OUSFG (if you'll excuse the pun). Basically, OUSFG with even fewer undergraduates. Basically, CBS.

The Science Fiction Bums have been known in recent years as Proto-OUSFG. Brian Aldiss came to speak to the group in Michaelmas Term, 2002 with this to say:

"I had a small terraced house in Marston Street which is a road that goes from the Cowley to the Iffley road - I had number 24 - it was sort of two up and two down and it was regularly filled with drunken science fiction bums."

Archie Maskill pressed for its usage, was surprised when someone else adopted it, and it blew his fucking mind away when the Wiki definition appeared (understandable, given his contempt for most of his own ideas) As there were only about three people who used term "Proto-OUSFG", and there are no other contenders for the title, SF Bums is currently regarded as the primary term.

Things the SF Bums have done or are thinking about doing:

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