Sharyn November

I am a wiki novice. I am also a native New Yorker and edit books for children and teenagers. My connection here: I have a Fantasy Fiction and Science Fiction imprint called Firebird.

I am always interested in reading suggestions -- there are loads of authors I don't know about, and some of them might be right for Firebird too.

My current non-work reading is at

A list of some genre authors I like (and/or edit):

I most commonly go by my initials, which are SDN (although I use them lowercase, which wiki doesn't seem to recognize).

I like to smoke and drink TEA and have a website here: and a Live Journal at <lj:sdn>

Thank you for allowing me to crash the party. I will try to be mannered.

Welcome to the wiki! I think you're the first person to join us who isn't either geographically or personally connected to OUSFG, which is quite exciting. Oh, and if you list some authors whose work you like, we can try to suggest others you might be interested (although i can't guarantee success!). -- TA

Thanks. I am excited too albeit nervous about making a good impression. See author list above! -- SDN

Hello, Sharyn, sorry to barge in, but where were you when the New York blackout of 14 Aug 2003 took place? Just wondering --Thea Logie

hi! i was at the office. we all walked down flights and flights of stairs and then downtown to the ferry terminal at the world financial center (i'm in new jersey and the ferries were the only public transportation running). and when i got home, i discovered that my block had power! so i was okay. are you in New York yet? --SDN

Indeedy. I was studying a book about the Black Death in the New York Public Library at the time the power went out, and got hustled out of the building at 4:45. I then joined the exodus of people walking up Broadway and Central Park West to walk the 80 blocks north to our family's apartment in Morningside Heights. It was only once I got there that I found out that the outage wasn't just confined to the city... didn't get power back till Friday morning, but that was still ahead of most of the rest of the city --TL

oy. 80 blocks and no power! how long are you here for? we should meet, no? -- SDN

news: Ellen Datlow and Terri Windling's The Green Man just won the World Fantasy Award for Best Anthology! And Lloyd Alexander received a lifetime achievement award ...

more news: I myself am a World Fantasy Award Finalist in the Professional category for Firebird, much to my startlement. Congratulations! --TL thanks! i owe you an email--SDN

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