Sheridan Gobsmack Overload

Award which should be given to characters in TV drama for most overblown double-take or shocked reaction to the dramatically predictable, viz:

Sheridan: My word, Delenn's emerged from her cocoon and... phwoar!

Sheridan: Someone from the dead wants to talk to me... and it's my dead mentor!

The Doctor: It's the Daleks! And the story was only called "Revenge of the Daleks Strike Back!"

Daniel Jackson: My life has just got... worse!

John Crichton: Oh @#$&! It's Scorpius.

The Doctor: Oh, fishooks, the Master has got to the vital plot-pivot ahead of me.

Jeffrey Sinclair: Oh, look, something else for me to be depressed about.

The Cast of Invasion Earth: (On reading the script) My God, it's full of @$#&!

Sheridan: Oh no, A Narn spaceship has just blown up!

Sheridan: Kosh, the mysterious and cryptic alien, is really a mysterious and cryptic alien! Must stare at him with my mouth hanging open!

Professor Quirrell (from the Harry Potter movie): The troll's escaped! The troll's escaped! Just thought you should know... ulk.

Harry Potter (from the 2nd Harry Potter movie): You're Voldemort!

Frodo Baggins (from the 1st Lord Of The Rings movie): Gandalf's here! I've landed on a road! I've woken up in Rivendell, where Bilbo went! Bilbo's here! The Ring is really evil! Boromir isn't too nice either! Galadriel's wandering around her own domain at night! The camera's giving me another close up to look soulful in! My plastic feet are getting muddy! (And many, many more...)

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