Sir Thomas White Quad

1970s accommodation quadrangle within St Johns College.

More informally, 'Tommy White Quad'. More informally still 'Lego Quad', since that's what it looks as though it was built out of. Most informally of all, 'Tommy S##te Quad'- rare, but I have heard it so named. This Quad links to Garden Quad. Has been known (from the Cherwell Newspaper) to catch fire without the smoke alarms making the fact known...

Very narrow spiral staircases which are just so much fun to carry luggage up and down. WJR, who persisted in living on or near the top floor of this throughout his degree for reasons unknown but possibly to do with misanthropy, once found his sense of balance so thrown out of kilter by an attack of influenza that he judged himself incapable of safely descending the stairwell for 48 hours. Contains the Larkin And Prestwich Rooms, which make an excellent venue for the OUSFG Christmas Party, and from which we've not yet been banned. Also the Graves Room, a location intended for use by St Johns College members, in fact practically ignored by all except the occasional play rehearsal, OUSFG members, and WJR, and the JCR Video Room, location of many a happy video meeting and one happy and rather large ginger feline entity, answering to the name of Oscar, to whom Mike Froggatt is allergic.

Pigeons regularly hold orgies and Nuremburg rallies in this Quad, generally on the windowsills at obscenely early hours of the morning (i.e. before 11am).

In WJR's second year, directly opposite the bottom end of his staircase was a plaque detailing the award given to the designer of Lego Quad for his achievement. Services to Sadism?

A couple of library meetings spilled out from Mike Froggatt's room to take place on the grass. It was nice, and it's unclear why it was so difficult to cattle-prod 15 people out of a small room on a hot summer's evening.

Rooms of special interest :

(need some staircase and room numbers)

(Library divided between Mike Froggatt's line, sorry, room, and David Sheldon's room in 99/00. One OUSFG video meeting showing "The Shining" and "Ghostbusters" held in William Ramsden's room in 01. The other locations above are also in this Quad.)

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