Sluggy Freelance

Also available in meatspace form wherever quality comics are sold, see New York SF

That 'Sluggy' bit of the name is intentionally nothing to do with the story, I believe.

Torg"The internet. More than just fun and games, it has become the global source of practical uses. For example, let's see how Riff makes use of the internet."
Riff"I'm trying to summon the Devil on-line."
Torg"Proves my point. In the new millennium you'll be able to sell your soul in a nanosecond... um... but wouldn't it be easier to just e-mail him?"
Riff"Yes! Spam Satan!"

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There's a awful lot of this, but it is archived in a very tidy and accessible way. And it's another cute and cuddly Cthulhu Mythos! (see --TL

Well, the Dimension of Pain is a little... for a moment I thought you were calling K'Z'K the Soul Collector 'cute and cuddly'... which would make me run in terror. -- WJR

Plush Cthulhu! Indeed... and worryingly reminiscent of this strip's Evil Alien Santa the Santa Cthulhu is too... : <>

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