So It Goes

A recurring line from Kurt Vonnegut's 'Slaughter House Five', implying, to me at least, a Zen-like acceptance that things are the way that they apparently are. You may find it useful to repeat to yourself (or others) if you find yourself starting to take things personally.

Really? I just use it as a personal meme, though I use it as you suggest. Another useful thing on those occasions when it feels like the world is out to get you is I Am Not That Important?! --DM

Me too. Very important mantra to remember when the New York attitude at its worst (usually by store clerks in places like Macy's) threatens to get a normally fairly amenable Brit a little hot under the collar --TL

I would have entirely taken it to mean "so it is said" if I hadn't heard you use it frequently before I'd read the novel. --AM

Which is an equally valid interpretation, but one that had never occurred to me. Interesting... --AW

and then of course there is <> the song by Nick Lowe. -- SDN

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