Special Projects

The guerilla science wing of OUSFG. Currently believed to be involved in creating clones of MMS and flying monkey legions (given the accepted OUSFG definition of 'special' (adj. Containing gin) we assume that these will be pissed MMS clones, and drunk-and-disorderly flying monkeys).

Arguably these projects are sub-instances of creating an OUSFG reality, which is surely Special Projects' ultimate aim. The OUSFG Wiki may be the first step along this path. See also SPAHWG.

Now also charged with investigating (over the next 1000 years) if we are inhabiting a machine generated fake universe, and if not then making it so. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! -- DM

If so, the following may help: <http://www.transhumanist.com/volume7/simulation.html> --TL

I still maintain that any memories we have of time spent outside the Carfax limit are artificially generated and implanted. Five miles beyond Carfax the whole landscape turns into a wireframe model. Anyone claiming to come from beyond is an Agent from an Uber-reality (i.e. one which exists for ten miles from Carfax), or possibly from an uber-uber-reality (fifteen miles), or at the remotest stretch an uber-uber-uber reality (twenty). Nothing else makes sense. -- WJR

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