Stanislaw Lem

A Polish SF writer.

His best-known work is probably Lems Solaris, but other works of note include The Cyberiad, The Futurological Congress and the Tales Of Pirx The Pilot?. He also wrote one of the Mortal Engines'.

Philip K Dick thought that not only was Lem a Communist agent, but that he was "probably a composite committee rather than an individual, since he writes in several styles and sometimes reads foreign, to him, languages and sometimes does not": <>.

Bizarrely the Communist authorities presumed that Lem was an agent for Philip K Dick. And they may well have been correct.

There were several Stanislaw Lem Societies in the Eastern Bloc by the 1970s - the one in Dresden was suspected of 'anti-Soviet activities' and several of its members were expelled from the university in 1973 as a result.

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