Transportation Security Administration.

(I never saw so many syllables used for one three-letter acronym!)

The American airport-bag-searching gestapo, getting particularly jumpy about what you can and can't bring along with you. Their new logo invokes 9/11 (it has 9 stars and 11 stripes), which gives you an idea. But they aren't half paranoid.


I have, or had, on my keyring an Allen key (the kind of hexagonal screwdriver they give you with all your Ikea flat-pack kits...) for the purpose of adjusting the pedals on my bike.

This bunch took one look at it, said "No tools allowed on the flight," and made off with it. Grr. --TL

Apparently I might've got off lightly <http://www.cnn.com/2003/TRAVEL/03/15/baggage.inspection.ap/index.html>

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