Ted Chiang

Ted Chiang is one of those authors who doesn't publish much - so far, just a bunch of short stories, recently collected in Stories of Your Life and Others - but what he does write tends to be very good indeed. Pretty much every story he's published has been nominated for some award or other; his first, 'Tower of Babylon', won the Nebula, and his most recent, 'Hell Is The Absence Of God', won a Hugo. His work is an interesting mix of genres; conceptually, several of them are straight-up fantasy, but they are written with a rigorousness or logical progression more reminiscent of Hard SF (which is probably where the comparisons with Greg Egan come from).

There's a very rich seam of SF meta-thought to be mined in asking How Hard Is Ted Chiang? It might even involve coining the term Hard F? ...

You can read his story 'Understand' online: <http://www.infinityplus.co.uk/stories/under.htm>.

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