Ten Tasks Of OUSFG

The Ten Tasks Of OUSFG !

Submissions accepted; if there are already ten uncompleted tasks of OUSFG, they join the Eleven Or More Tasks Of OUSFG (currently held at the bottom of this page). Nothing weird, ridiculous, disturbing, insane or a waste of spacetime. Distant, yet plausible pipedreams welcomed, as are tasks that can genuinely be achieved within a small time-frame to the benefit of the society (we don't want this page to become too static).

  1. Acquire LMH members and coerce them into securing Number 5 Old Old Hall in the room ballot, so that it might serve as an OUSFG stronghold. This is a basement room located within a prominent section of LMH. Alx Williams had this room for two years, and it held the library quite comfortably. The other advantage is that the window is at ground level, so people can get in and out at stupidly early hours of the morning.
  2. Acquire Number 24 Marston Street as an OUSFG stronghold. This will most likely involve an older member of OUSFG investing in the property and renting it out as an evil property landlord. We need volunteers to check on its availability now and then; we should also boost the group's popularity so there's a greater likelihood of having members who might actually want to live with each other. Of course the ultimate aim ought to be to own a room there in which to hold the library. Hahahahahaha!
  3. Pay a visit to the University Proctors to find out the exact registration details of OUSFG (date formed, founding junior and senior members).
  4. OUSFG Tshirt Design.
  5. Sell off excess copies of SFINX and preserve the less numerous ones.
  6. Online Library Project
  7. Email inactive OUSFG member Max More about the frozen head incident.
  8. Locate and scan photos of Bernard The Cryo Bunny (I think Jo Charman might have one of these)
  9. Remind all first years who signed up at Freshers' Fair that we still exist. Email them and/or pidge-post them a termcard.
  10. Get people to contribute to SFINX?

The Eleven Or More Tasks Of OUSFG !

(see above for the first ten)

Completed Tasks

  1. Email inactive and founding member Marcus Wigan about meeting up later this month.

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