The Player Of Games

The second Science Fiction (and Culture) novel by Iain M Banks. Arguably the best of the Culture novels. Readers new to the Culture may read this book before Consider Phlebas; there's only one reference to background events of the first novel (the Idiran/Culture war) which has long since finished by the start of this book. There's no character overlap, and the main technology covered in Consider Phlebas (the GSVs) doesn't feature so heavily. This book attempts to describe the relative safety and convenience of the Culture by describing its best game-player's mission to the homeworld of an Empire. Socialism vs Empirism in spaaaaaace! Also, people might be put off further IMB novels by the apparent "pointlessness" of Consider Phlebas. I recently read this [TPOG]. There's very little to tell you it is part of a series. And it's ace! --DM

Category Book

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