The Seagull Drovers

A novel by Steve Cockayne and eligible for the 2003-4 OUSFG Award.

"Nothing is right in the Land. King Matthew is indisposed, the city dominated by the malevolent Fang. Crops are dying and even the seagulls have lost direction. Leonardo Pegasus, retired magician, probes the murky depths of the Signal Network, where unseen forces vie for supremacy ...Ashleigh Brown, urban teenager, yearns for the open road, for the gaudy wagon of Wanderer Liam Blackwood ...Charles Bannister, wealthy businessman, plunders the Outer Isles, hunting for secret riches ...While across the Land, roaming bands of Seagull Drovers seek to guide lost gulls back to the coast - who may hold the key to all ills.

Allegedly pretty good. Well, Farah Mendlesohn likes them, and I wouldn't want to argue with her. -- NH

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