The Time Machine

A classic book by HG Wells. Man invents machine, travels to 802,701 AD, falls in love (sort of), bashes up a few monsters and then travels even further into the future.

Well, that's the very loose synopsis of the plot (leaving out a few spoilers, :)), but considering that this was one of the first of the species, and that there's a rather good subtextual social commentary going on, it still deserves a re-read or two.

Ironically, according to the rubrics for a 'time travel' story laid down, not without some controversy, by Tim Adye, it is not a story about time travel. Either there is something wrong with reality or there is something wrong with Herr Tim's rubrics.

The modern film with Samantha Mumba in it (and if you don't know who the heck she is by the time you come to read this posting, you probably haven't missed much) is veritably awful.

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