Thunder Cats

A cartoon series, toy line, and comic book of the mid-mid eighties, although a new comic has recently been released from Wildstorm.

Everyone of a certain age will remember the music. Everyone of this age will also remember wanting Wilykit and Wilykat to die horribly. One oddity was the villain - an egyptian mummy on prehistoric Earth. He had been alive during the period of time known as Second Earth, but was merely undead during Third Earth.

I can't remember, but I remember really hankering after one of those plastic replicas of Lion-O's sword, don't you? <embarrassed> Cheetara really kicked ass, tho'. -- TL

A friend of mine had such a sword, which I believe saw sterling service in battle against his little brother. -- WJR

This page was the victim of the Translation Hack, which deserves to be recorded for posterity.

Category Kids TV

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