Tiptree Tiara

Part of the honor of winning the Tiptree Award: the award-winner must wear the Tiara for the duration of the evening ceremony.

"Each year's winners receive their share of $1000, a piece of original art (in 2003 it was a fabric cake), some chocolate, and their trip to the ceremony. What's more, they get the dubious privilege of having the more-than-amateur Tips chorus sing an original song in their honor."

Molly Gloss, on the left, wearing the tiara, unknown, and Ellen Klages, who is the Tiptree Auctioneer every year

Hiromi Goto being crowned with the tiara by (it looks like) Suzy McKee Charnas

Are these pictures making loading the page a pain? If so, we could move them to a separate page of Pictures Of The Tiptree Tiara. I do wish we had one of M John Harrison ... There's one here -- web wrangle as you please <http://sf3.org/downloads/issue3-2003.pdf> -- SDN Aha! I shall see if i can make or get a file of the relevant image ...

The Tiara was created and donated to the cause by Elise Matthesen. <http://www.lioness.net>

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