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The Wiki is occasionally subject to a certain amount of vandalism. This is normally fixable, is an inevitable side-effect of the open-ness of Wiki, and generally puerile in nature. However, every so often a bit of vandalism occurs which is demonstrative of a slight amount of intelligence. The 'Translation Hack', which occurred to the Thunder Cats page, is perhaps an example of this. Someone appears to have fed the page's text through Babel Fish to convert it into Portuguese, and subsequently placed this on the page in place of the original text.

Note that you can carry out a little Translation Hack of your own by going here:

Although that particular URL will turn this page from English into German - Portugese bits and all.

Anyway, below, we have what Babel Fish assures us to be the definitive Portuguese description of Thunder Cats, and the reaction of the Wiki community to it:

As séries do cartoon, maravilham a figura linha comic, e da ação nos mid-mid-eighties. - - de uma determinada idade recorda a música. Todos dessa idade recorda querer Wilykit e Wilykat morrer horribly. À excepção daquele que o bandido era um mummy egyptian na terra pré-histórica era isto explicada sempre? - Eu não posso recordar muito muito sobre ele. eu recordo realmente hankering após aqueles replicas plásticos da espada de Leão-O, não você? <embarrassed> Cheetara retrocedeu o burro, tho '. O amigo do --tl A de meus teve tal espada que eu acredito que viu o serviço sterling na batalha de encontro a seu irmão pequeno. -- WJR Category Kids TV

I think I speak for most of us when I say... what? I presume somebody's translated this... for some reason. Yes, can it be translated back...? Is this a haxx0r attack?

It appears to be Portuguese. The original apparently read as follows:

'The series of cartoon, astonish the figure line comic, and of the action in mid-mid-eighties. - - of one determined age it remembers music. All of this age remember to want Wilykit and Wilykat to die horribly. To the exception of that the outlaw was one mummy egyptian in the prehistoric land it was this explained always? - I cannot remember very very on it I I remember really hankering after those I talk back plastics of the sword of Leão-O, not you? < embarrassed > Cheetara retroceded the donkey, tho '. The friend of --tl of mine had such sword that I believe that sterling in the meeting battle saw the service its small brother'

Thank you, . Luckily, it doesn't appear that the text has lost anything in the translation process... <groan>

I find it twistedly amusing that the translated/backtranslated result of 'kicked ass' is 'retroceded the donkey'. I must remember to use this phrase more in impolite conversation. -- WJR

More on babelfishing and its pitfalls right here: <>

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