Tribute Sequel Phenomenon

Curious phenomenon of writing, whereby an author (generally sufficiently well-established on the merits and market value of their own work to be able to do so without suffering the accusation that they are running out of ideas) will produce a sequel, prequel, interquel, or, on unfortunate occasion, straight retcon of another author's work, usually after said author's demise or, at least, retirement.

Notable examples:

Although it's not quite the same, Doctor Who being a gestalt writing effort anyway, great and inglorious infamy may also be awarded to John Peel's "War of the Daleks", which pays tribute to the memory of Terry Nation by re-writing, retconning, and eventually entirely rejecting the plot of his last written contribution to the mythology. If the book were actually any good, or if Peel hadn't specifically stated his desire for it to be a tribute to Nation in the dedication, it wouldn't be so unfortunate. Tch!

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