The Godsforsaken (probably) subcontinent occasionally inhabited (well, the New York bit of it, which isn't quite the same thing) by TL, who heard someone on Channel Four News refer to it as "the world's only superpower". And is therefore very worried... particularly given the record of its latest potentate, GWB.

Right, I'm moving to Mars. --WJR Possibly a good move... the latest Martian mission is after all going to be an ESA one --TL

Well, not being NASA means it should get there... and be the right size... but the ESA rockets do have a disturbing tendency to get... ah, shall we say a little over-excited[1], on the launch pad.

Do I understand correctly that, in planting their flag on the Moon, NASA claimed Luna as US Territory? Right. My royal standard is made of photons. I'm going to hold a mirror pointing at the Sun and claim that as the First Outpost of the Ramsden Space Empire. Any trouble from anyone and I'm turning it off, all right? --WJR

Additionally, I am a kind ruler, so I am going to grant all photons full solar citizenship. In eight minutes I will have invaded and overwhelmed the Earth. You will all obey me. --WJR Ulp --TL

Also, homeland of Star Trek, Far Scape (alright, so that was actually filmed in Australia, but it's been adopted), Angel The Series, and Buffy The Vampire Slayer. And of most of the films deemed worthy of hitting the mainstream silver screens. Grr.

The USA is "the headquarters that spreads abnormality, degeneration, violence and fin-de-siecle corrupt sex culture", according to North Korea. No arguments with that one --TL Not even with the North Korean calendar? --TCW Um, not seen that, what's it like? --TL

More of the current US and UK casualties have been inflicted by American 'Friendly' Fire than by Iraqi actions. The USA's war machine is perfect! They don't even need an enemy. Random civilians and UK troops will do perfectly well:

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