Vernor Vinge

American SF author. Invented Cyber Space in True Names, then came up with the idea of The Singularity. Having done so, he's had to spend the subsequent n years trying to work out how he could write medium-to-far-future SF in an intellectually honest fashion. The hack he came up with is a rather good one, and explained over in Vinges Deep; the galaxy of this hack is showcased in the Hugo-winning novels A Fire Upon The Deep? and A Deepness In The Sky?.

A Deepness In The Sky? is full of spiders locked into an unfortunate stellar cycle which occasions a rather jerky and erratic advance for their civilisation. It gets cold out there.

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Vinge goes back to Pham Nuwen and the interstellar Qeng Ho in A Deepness In The Sky? - so obviously there has to be a previous volume. That one establishes the existence of a Slow Zone at the galactic core, and things get progressively faster as one moves out towards Earth - and beyond, obviously. Tinkering up in the Transcend causes a ghastly effect on the Earthlings who think they've found a really neat artifact, so they download a god to try to sort things. Unfortunately, super-high-tech shininess and gods are not much use where these guys are headed. Yup, you guessed it: Slow Zonarama.

But there's a cute mathematical 8-dog pack down there with radio, Amdiranifani. And "godshatter" has its uses.

Aiee! Verging-on-the-edge-of-comprehensible Tanaqui infodump alert! Niall and/or Lyndsey (or anyone else) - any chance of introducing some hard-headed reason here? Hmm. We should probably sidelift the Deep comments to a page specifically for Vinges Deep. -- TA

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