Walton Street

Jericho's arterial street. Significant streets leading to it are Beaumont Street and Little Clarendon Street.

Christ this sort of thing is boring; both to read and write for. Can't we just scrap the lot and make the Wiki more interesting in one fell swoop?

Well why bother deleting my entry, then? What was wrong with it that's been corrected by this version? And the idea was to tie in with 'Eating in Oxford', 'Drinking in Oxford', and Category OUSFG Location- giving those locations, and the location information of pubs and restaurants, a bit of context in terms of where they are.

Interestingly, this is a debate that has come up on Wards Wiki ('Wards Wiki Is Not A Dictionary'): essentially, one school of thought is that we should only write pages that are excellent, the other is that it is okay to write pages that are not excellent. There are arguments on either side, and it's not clear who's right. Personally, my feeling is that a page can do no harm merely by existing, so it's okay to create pages low-value pages like this one; after all, it does indeed come in handy when reading other pages which mention Oxford geography, if one is not too familiar with Oxford. -- TA

Category Oxford Geography

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