Wanted Paranormal Pet List

Pets are wonderful things. There's a saying that "Friends are the family you choose for yourself." Pets are the friends who go to sleep when you don't want them around, look cute, and give you an excuse for untidyness. Additionally, there is much evidence[1] that some pets have unusual capabilities. Whilst only a fool wants to own Bunbun (Sluggy Freelance), there are others which might be substantially more friendly and useful.

Submissions, preferably signed, from other Wikizens extremely welcome!

[1] This is, of course, evidence in the 'unfounded supposition and primarily intended for children or the young at heart and melted of mind', of course, which is quite definitely the most emotionally satisfying type of evidence.
[2] The management accepts no responsibility for anyone who muddles this suggestion and previous remarks and transplants part of their soul into Bunbun, Satan, a denizen of Cranham Street, or a bolted lettuce.

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