Wiki History

One day, Twic I will have a history function, which will allow wikizens to see the history of every page, including viewing old versions and seeing differences.

Adding this is a fairly major effort, involving substantial changes to many parts of the code. It will happen, but probably not soon.

For now, we have Wiki Backups and Human Memory. And Google.

There is a sort of halfway house between the current Wiki Backups and Wiki History; we could keep Wiki Backups forever. Doing this naively would take a huge amount of space, but appropriate use of diffs might make it practical; the key thing is to be able to diff tar archives, which would be make it easy to adapt the current backup process. Tars are binary files, so normal diff doesn't like them; there are binary diff algorithms, but they're nonstandard and so susceptible to bitrot, so a better solution might be to use a standard textual archive format, like shar, and diff that. The only problem is that shar files are huge, and shar thinks half the pages on the wiki are binary.

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