Wiki Name

A Wiki Name is a name which wiki recognises as the name of a page. If you type a Wiki Name in the text of a page, wiki will make it a link to the page of the same name (or a link to create such a page if none exists).

A Wiki Name is any sequence of alphanumeric characters which starts with a capital and contains at least one more capital. Note that this includes acronyms (eg OUSFG).

Such sequences are easy to create for most page titles. Since they may occasionally occur in terms for which one has no interest in generating a WikiName, and the 'this link leads nowhere' output of a page for an unresolved WikiName is a trifle ugly, it is fortunate that the Wiki provides a means of neutering Wikinames, by switching on and off italics (with an underscore) between the two capitals, for example:


which yields OUSFG, not OUSFG. As anyone who's ever stood in a circle of inward-facing Von Neumann machines knows, REAL Ultimate Power lies in knowing where to find the off-switch - recall Bradleys Bromide.

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