Wiki Signature

If you want to record some of Your Words, sign them, with a double dash followed by your name as a Wiki Name.

Like this. -- Tom Anderson

Or using your initials.

Like this. -- TA

To be pedantic, there should be one space between the text and the hyphens, two hyphens, and a space between the hyphens and the name. It doesn't really matter, though.

Use signatures sparingly; most things don't need them. They're only necessary when you specifically want to mark something as Your Words, for example because the meaning is tied up with the identity of the speaker.

It's probably also polite if you're making a comment on somebody else's page. -- WJR

Good point. By 'somebody else's page', you mean their name-page (eg William Ramsden)?

Primarily yes, although if you're responding to a Rant it's probably also good practice. -- WJR

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