William Burroughs

Junkie. Poet. Iconoclast. Imaginer of strange future lands. Heir to the Burroughs Adding Machine fortune. Wrote some notable science fiction, most of which was successfully disguised as Beat poetry or cut up novels.

The David Cronenberg film of Naked Lunch (<http://www.hyperreal.org/wsb/interview92.html>) is inaccurate but very amusing, and therefore entirely appropriate.

Burroughs coined the term Inter Zone.

William Burroughs cut-up workshops are a common occurence on the OUSFG Termcard?. Raw materials are usually taken from the natural wastage at the bottom of the OUSFG Library, or provided by JD, who works at the Oxfam Bookshop.

Burroughs shot his wife Joan in the head while playing at being William Tell.

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