William Burroughs Cut Up Workshop

Named for the way in which William Burroughs is said to have constructed his books out of completely randomly selected phrases.

The object of the exercise is to take several really crap books/comic strips/newspapers/newspaper supplements/anything with the English language written on it, cut out phrases or words at random and stick them onto a separate piece of paper until they seem to form a (disturbing/subversive?) narrative.

This was performed at an OUSFG discussion meeting on 28th May 2003, and scanned versions of the creations are currently being made.

This may be done on an annual basis, and then in ten years' time the assembled cut-ups will be cut up to create a new cut-up of cut-ups (w00t, how meta can you get-a?)

"But is it art?"

Category OUSFG Fiction Category Unknowable Horror

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