Zero Wing

Zero Wing was a badly translated Japanese computer game, available on the SEGA Mega Drive?. It is the source of the All Your Base meme

Here's the crucial intro script :

In AD 2101

War was beginning.

CaptainWhat happen?
MechanicSomeone set up us the bomb
OperatorWe get signal
OperatorMain screen turn on.
CaptainIt's you!!
CatsHow are you gentlemen!!
CatsAll your base are belong to us.
CatsYou are on the way to destruction.
CaptainWhat you say?
CatsYou have no chance to survive make your time
CatsHA HA HA HA....
OperatorCaptain!! <- (Not on the original GIF. Look at Planettribes.)
CaptainTake off every 'ZIG'!!
CaptainYou know what you doing.
CaptainMove 'ZIG'.
CaptainFor great justice.

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