[Debian-haskell] Where to put Cabal {un,}register.sh files?

Arjan Oosting arjanoosting at home.nl
Sat Dec 9 20:34:48 GMT 2006

Op za, 09-12-2006 te 06:16 +0200, schreef Kari Pahula:
> What would be a good place to install cabal-generated register.sh and
> unregister.sh files?  /usr/share/$PACKAGE/ would seem like a safe
> choice, but it seems kind of wasteful.
> Would using /usr/share/ghc-6.6/cabal/$PACKAGE/ sound like a good dir
> to use?  Would that path conflict with anything?

Hmm, I don't ship them as my packages have all the (un)registering stuff
inside the maintainer scripts, but if you ship them I would prefer a
subdirectory of /usr/lib/haskell-packages/ghc6/. 

I would put it in /usr/lib/haskell-packages/ghc6/lib/$PACKAGE-$VERSION
which a lot of libghc6-$PACKAGE-dev already use for their files.



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