[Debian-haskell] ghc6.8, xmonad and haskell-utils

John Goerzen jgoerzen at complete.org
Sun Jan 6 12:09:11 GMT 2008

On Tuesday 11 December 2007 8:04:55 am Joachim Breitner wrote:
> Hi Ian, hi list,

> I’ll try now to make xmonad work with a manual installation of the
> scripts from haskell-utils, but it would be great so see working ghc6.8
> and X11-1.4 package somewhere soon.

I'd echo that sentiment.  sid is called "unstable" for a reason, and Ian I'd 
encourage you to make your upload there.  The current situation is becoming 
unworkable.  People are wanting me to make GHC-6.8-compatible releases of my 
code, but I can't because I have to keep GHC 6.6 on my machine for my Debian 
maintainer duties.  If something breaks, well it's unstable and that's 
expected.  I'd really like to see it there ASAP.

-- John

> Greetings and thanks,
> Joachim

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