[Debian-haskell] Missing modules for ghc6.8? (missingh, configfile...)

John Goerzen jgoerzen at complete.org
Thu Jan 10 15:02:32 GMT 2008

On Thu January 10 2008 8:35:25 am Magnus Therning wrote:
> Has anyone made any attempts to compile "the rest" of the modules for
> ghc6.8( i.e. the things that are missing at unsafe-haskell at the moment)?
> I'd really like to play with configfile a bit, which depend on missingh,
> but at the same time I'm enjoying the 6.8 goodness so I'd rather not
> downgrade... oh, my life is filled with difficulties ;-)
> /M

If you look over at


several of the modules are still stuck in NEW, and thus not in sid in 6.8 
versions yet, including parsec and the regex stuff.  So pretty much nothing 
else is going to work until ftpmaster processes that stuff.

FWIW, the darcs repo for MissingH has 6.8.x compatibility patches already. 

darcs get --partial http://software.complete.org/missingh

for the 6.8.x goodness

which you can use if you grab the haskell-* packages from haskell-unsafe and 
then build that

-- John

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