[Debian-haskell] getting gtk2hs to build on amd64

Matthew Danish mdanish at andrew.cmu.edu
Fri Mar 14 16:54:39 GMT 2008

gtk2hs packages currently do not have up-to-date versions in unstable
for amd64 because of a very small issue: they attempt to force the
usage of gcc-4.1 which will not work with GHC 6.8 on amd64.  I have
successfully modified the rules file to use gcc-4.2 or 4.3 instead,
and compiled my own packages.  I have not detected any ill effects
while developing with these gtk2hs packages.

There is a comment to the effect that "split-objs" doesn't work on
gcc-4.2 -- I've been assured that comment is now out of date.

I propose a minor change:

- # Do not use gcc-4.2 until it works:
- # Use gcc-4.1 until ghc/split-obj/gcc-4.2 work togehter
- configure_flags += --with-hcflags="-O -pgmc gcc-4.1"
+ configure_flags += --with-hcflags="-O -pgmc gcc-4.2"

or gcc-4.3.

I would prefer not to NMU this if either of you have the time to make
a proper upload.  However, if not, I will probably go ahead and do so
next week.

This simple change would fix two high priority bugs: #463290, #461422.

-- Matthew Danish -- user: mrd domain: cmu.edu
-- OpenPGP public key: C24B6010 on keyring.debian.org

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