[OpenGuides-Oxford] College data from OxPoints

Kake kake at earth.li
Wed Apr 4 14:27:18 BST 2012

On Wed 28 Mar 2012, Janet McKnight <janetmck at chiark.greenend.org.uk> wrote:
> Not that that answers the question really. Do you want to include PPHs,
> though? (I can get their info too if necessary.)

Up to you :)  I have no strong opinion on the subject.

> I wonder if we could get the photos from Wikipedia as well? Or would
> that be silly?

I think I would prefer to have separate photos.  We're not really
adding anything to the data available on the internet by simply using
the same photos as Wikipedia.  I like the idea of multiple independent

> No, the more I look at "Central" the more I'm not really sure how 
> useful it is. :-} Is it worth trying to come up with a definition of
> it? Or would we be better ditching it altogether? 

See other thread - if we can define the streets that lie within
"Central", I think that would solve most of the problem.


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