[OpenGuides-Oxford] Scope of the Oxford Guide

Owen McKnight owen.mcknight at gmail.com
Thu Apr 12 17:09:34 BST 2012

Janet McKnight <janetmck at chiark.greenend.org.uk> wrote:
> There are lots of pages about the City and the University about
> non-geo-locateable things which are probably adequately covered
> by Wikipedia, e.g.:
> http://oxford.openguides.org/wiki/?Oxford_University
> http://oxford.openguides.org/wiki/?Chancellor
> http://oxford.openguides.org/wiki/?Convocation
> http://oxford.openguides.org/wiki/?Professor_Of_Poetry
> http://oxford.openguides.org/wiki/?Oxford_Martyrs
> http://oxford.openguides.org/wiki/?Civil_War
> I feel really mean saying "this stuff should go!" when someone
> has put lots of effort into it, but I think it's not really
> sensibly within scope (& there are better places for it).

I'm happy for all of that to go, precisely because Wikipedia covers it
all far better than the Open Guide ever will. I think they're all
arguably within scope, but our efforts would be better concentrated on
content that isn't available elsewhere, much of which Wikipedia would
consider too trivial to be notable. Shops, venues, parks, schools...

Question: Is there anything appropriate for the Open Guide that
doesn't have a geographical location?


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