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#64: Magical portal system
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This is a bit theoretical at the moment and probably wants thrashing out
 on IRC/the mailing list for a bit, but recorded here so it doesn't get

 When we've taken over the world, our users will want an easy way of
 finding information local to them and won't be interested in having to
 remember to type in "city.state.country.openguides.org" (or even
 city.openguides.org, as we have now) on the offchance that it exists. It
 would be nice if we could have some sort of frontend on
 http://openguides.org/ that had a form with dropdowns or other magic
 interfaces to let people search/be redirected to appropriate guides.

 This will probably want quite a lot of refactoring of the design of the
 main web site.

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