[sts] Mature Program Transformation Systems

Görel Hedin gorel at cs.lth.se
Fri Dec 2 16:17:06 GMT 2005

You can use the JastAdd system for transformation.  We have recently  
made the system publically available, see http://jastadd.cs.lth.se .  
There is a complete Java compiler you can play with.

best regards,
Görel Hedin

29 nov 2005 kl. 00.23 skrev Karl Trygve Kalleberg:

> Hi gang,
> I am looking for opinions on which program transformation systems  
> may be considered somewhat mature.
> Note that my definition of "mature" is rather loose in this  
> context. I consider a system to be mature if a proficient developer  
> (late undergrad, early grad student with a background in the field)  
> can get up and running and start doing interesting work with it  
> within a day (or tops two).
> Also, I am not dictating which particular tasks the system must be  
> able to perform. As long as the system can be used for constructing  
> programs which can perform one or several tasks which reasonably  
> fall under "program transformation" [1], I'm interested in knowing  
> about it.
> Working my way though the list on program-transformation.org, and  
> checking references (publications, manuals, available downloads)  
> for the  systems, seems to suggest that "reasonably mature" systems  
> might include ASF+SDF, DMS, Elegant, FermaT, Stratego/XT and TXL,  
> but I'm sure there are more.
> Pointers and opinions are welcome, both on and off list.
> -- Karl T
> [1] It is beyond the scope of this e-mail to provide a crisp, clear- 
> cut
>     definition of the term program transformation. I have left out
>     "pure" compiler construction kits and "pure" editors from my  
> list of
>     stable systems, and do not want to consider those, even though  
> this
>     decision is may appear rather arbitrary.
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