[sts] French project : GDR GPL, Transformations working group ?

Mikal Ziane Mikal.Ziane at lip6.fr
Tue Dec 13 10:45:13 GMT 2005

Hello all,

This message concerns the French teams (sorry to the others to use this list).

You may know that Yves Ledru is starting to create a GDR GPL group (Génie Logiciel et
Programmation). I suggested him to create a working group on program and model transformations and
he told me I could start to prospect which team could be interested to form such a group.

I am sure that model-driven engineering will receive a lot of attention so I think this group should
also focus on other kinds of transformational approaches (e.g. semi-automatic refinement of say B
specifications, code refactoring, refinement and code generation from domain-specific languages...).

If you are interested to help create or be part of this group please let me know.

Mikal Ziane

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