[sts] STS'08: Software Transformation Systems Workshop at GPCE08/OOPSLA08 (October 2008, Nashville, Tennessee)

Magne Haveraaen Magne.Haveraaen at ii.uib.no
Fri Jun 27 15:31:24 BST 2008

            STS'08:  Software Transformation Systems Workshop
                              part of the

                   Seventh international conference on
        Generative Programming and Component Engineering (GPCE'08)

                 October 19-23 2008, Nashville, Tennessee

                         colocated with OOPSLA'08


Workshop Organisers
     * Magne Haveraaen, University of Bergen, Norway
     * Jan Heering, CWI, Amsterdam, Netherlands
     * Eelco Visser, Delft University of Technology, Netherlands

Workshop schedule:
     * 2 page position paper submission deadline: August 1, 2008
     * Notification of acceptance: August 31, 2008
     * Early registration: September 11, 2008
     * Workshop: Wednesday October 22, 2008

  Modern modelling and software development needs software support 
beyond that of simple editors and compilers. Often a model or software 
piece can be generated from (fragments) of existing models or high level 
codes. Software transformation systems are tools which are built for 
such transformations. They range from specific tools for one purpose, 
via simple pattern matching systems, to general transformation systems 
which are easily programmed to do any reasonable transformation. Thus 
the more general tools may be treated as meta-tools for generative 
programming. They are currently playing a significant role in integrated 
development environments (IDEs, e.g., Eclipse) and model driven 
engineering (MDE).

Following on the success of STS'04 and STS'06, this workshop is once 
again designed to bring together people working on software 
transformation systems and those with an interest in software 
transformation systems as a tool.

The workshop will this time to some extent focus on the relationship 
between software transformation technologies and related technologies 
such as reflection (supported, e.g., by Java), (template) 
meta-programming (supported by C++), and staged programming languages. 
We also want to look at the applications of transformation tools in IDEs 
and MDE.

Workshop format
The workshop will have a small number of participants, around 20, 
selected on the basis of short position papers submitted to the 
organisers. The aim is to let people with different perspectives meet in 
order to allow fruitful interaction.

Submission of intent to participate
If you find this workshop interesting you should send an e-mail to 
sts08 at ii.uib.no with your intent to participate and your area of 
expertise/interest. Include a 2 page position paper if you want to give 
a presentation. Space may be limited at the workshop, and preregistered 
participants will be given priority.

All material must be received by the deadline. We prefer plain ISO or 
UTF-8 documents (txt), but latex (only use standard packages) and pdf 
formats are also acceptable.


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