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This is where I intend to list the craft things I own, mostly which can be borrowed (by guides etc).


Sizzix is a cutting machine using dies. Each die is in a different pattern, e.g. a flower or a letter of the alphabet or a circle. The die and the material to be cut are placed in the machine, which is then operated to press the die blade and material together, punching out the shape. The advantage of Sizzix is to get detailed cut outs beyond one's own hand cutting skill, consistently the same cut outs and (for paper or card) efficient multiple cutting of many shapes. Sizzix units are given in inches because it is an American system. Dies are different thicknesses and sizes, the cut out being smaller than the die size quoted.

There are also ScoreBoards, Embossing strips, clearlits, extended cuts etc but I don't have any yet.

I have an Original lever arm machine which will take Sizzlits (with my system converter) and Originals dies, and a Big Shot crank machine which will take Bigz dies as well. These machines are not to be used by small children and may be used by sensible older Brownies and younger Guides under supervision only. The machines are heavy, so could break toes if dropped on them. The force needed to press the die is also significant and trapped fingers could be badly damaged. The dies have a sharp metal cutting edge which is usually not exposed but pressing on the foam to expose the edge could cause cuts to the fingers.

A Sizzix machine is only as good at the die selection, and they are not cheap. They can be damaged by using too much or too stiff material and uneven pressing. I am slowly building up my collection. Some of my dies have been discontinued, so would be difficult to replace.

The following die are vaguely sorted by theme.

Round Table Alphabet-SizzlitsSmall 1.125 inch high serif alphabet. A-Z, a-z, 0-9, #;?!&-"$ (no comma)
Wallflower Alphabet-Sizzlits (roller machines only)Small 1 inch high sans-serif alphabet. A-Z, a-z, &.,-
Transportation Set656371Sizzlits3 dies, Plane (8.8x6cm), Sailing Boat (5x6cm) and Car (8.5x4cm)
Steam Train38-0135Originals LargeD
Zoo Set38-9615Sizzlits4 dies; Elephant, Gorilla, Zebra, Lion
Build a Buddy654373Sizzlits7 dies, 3 bears, bunny and kitty and some accessories and clothes
Butterly #138-0230Originals SmallD
Dolphin38-0198Originals MediumOne dolphin
Dragon with wings655477BigzD
Pirates655473Sizzlits4 dies; skull & crossbones, hat, cutless, swirly letter P
Ghosts38-0252Originals MediumLarge and small ghosts
Skeleton Movable656230BigzCan attach limbs with split fasteners
Star & Starbursts656737Bigz5 pointed star and two starbursts
Snowman38-0235Originals LargeD
Holly and Berries38-0244Originals SmallD
Mini snowflakes set657474Movers and Shapers2 dies; snow flakes 4cm and 3.5cm across.
Tent38-0169Originals LargeRidge tent
Campfire38-0174Originals Small(not to scale with tent)
Leaves #2655012Originals Large4 leaf shapes, oak, maple and two others
Leaf, Maple38-0911Originals LargeD
Flower Layers Set656062Sizzlits3 flower dies which can be used separately or built up to make a fancy flower. 4.5, 5.5 and 6cm wide.
Mini tattered leaves set657460Movers and ShapersOak and similar leaf. 6cm by 3.5cm approx.
Puzzle Maker #2654992Originals LargeCuts an area 3x4.5 inches into a 6 piece jigsaw puzzle - puzzle pieces about 1.5inches wide
Frames Circle Combo38-1065Originals LargeFour circles with narrow frames. Circles have diameter 0.75, 1.125, 1.365 and 2.625 inches.
Frames Square Combo38-1067Originals LargeFour squares, with narrow square frames. Squares have sides 0.75, 1.125, 1.365 and 2.625 inches.
Frame, Scallop38-0165Originals LargeFrame shape, aperture is 2.75x3.75 inches.
Frame, Film strip38-0140Originals LargeTwo film negative aperatures, total is 3x4.75 inches.
Road Signs656048Originals LargeShield, arrow and circle with line through.
Border, Heart38-0159Originals MediumTwo small strips of joining hearts
Mini Gears Set657211Movers and Shapers2 dies; simple cogs or gears (one is a bit like a ship's wheel). 4cm and 2.7cm wide.
Mini openings set657215Movers and Shapers4 dies; square (1.3cm), 4 mini rectangles (0.6x0.8cm in 1.8x2cm array), semi-circle (1.5cm radius), rectangle (2.4x1.2cm)
Rectangle656446Movers and ShapersRectangle
Square 2 3/8"656448Movers and ShapersD
Square 1"656449Movers and ShapersD
Spiral / Garland655143BigzD
Bigz L Tray657007Movers and Shapers Base Tray6 x 8.75 x 0.5 inch tray (15.24 x 22.23 cm)
Photo Corners, Ornamental657079Movers and Shapers2 dies; curly bracket slits 3cm long for use for inserting an object, such as a photo
Keyholes656630Movers and Shapers2 dies; key holes (2.6 and 3.8cm high)


Xyron Create-a-Sticker X250 with permanent adhesive cartridge

Rotary cutter

Cuts A3 and smaller

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