A Play for Tomorrow

'A Play for Tomorrow' was a BBC series (series of sorts - more of slot than a series) that ran, er, in the 80s some time. It was a sibling of sorts of 'A Play for Today', the BBC's strand of challenging modern etc plays (kilt stone dead by Channel 4), itself the evolution of the BBC's Wednesday Play, whose origins lie in time immemorial. Rather than the serious stuff that P4T put out - stuff that Brian Sewell would approve of - P4T+1 was the dreaded science fiction. And it sounds like it was pretty good science fiction - thoughtful, interesting stuff. The whole thing was a spinoff from 'The Flipside of Dominick Hyde; make of that what you will. Proper articles here and here, infodump here.

Anyway, point of all this is that i wouldn't mind seeing those programmes. This page is a note to myself so i don't forget that.

In other 'play for tomorrow' news, there's apparently an interesting somewhat future-oriented piece called 'Stairs to the Roof' by Tennesee Williams. Wasn't expecting that. Produced recentlyish.