Cocktails Every Day

In these formulae, ℥ means a measure, and ♏︎/♏ means a dash. That's not quite what the apothecaries meant by those symbols, but i'm in charge here. I use measures of 10 ml when experimenting, so you might want to use big dashes if making these properly.

Date Cocktail
2020-04-30 "Running create-@rnalexander-cup this #CocktailThursday: 2℥ Tanqueray Ten, 1℥ Lillet Blanc, ½℥ St Germain, 1♏︎ Sainsbury's bitters. This is extremely elegant! Still plenty of gin bite, but a blurry mellow fruitiness (elderflower does not overwhelm).
2020-04-27 Okay then, 3℥ Tanqueray Ten, 1℥ Cointreau, ⅓℥ lemon juice - now we're talking! So silky smooth, I almost forgot to eat dinner. #CocktailMonday
2020-04-27 What happens if you make a White Lady the way i make a Sidecar? 3℥ Drumshanbo gin, 1℥ Cointreau, ⅓℥ lemon juice, that is. You get a #CocktailMonday experience that is substantially more gin-forward than a typical White Lady! I want to try this with more gins ...
2020-04-25 Quick #CocktailSaturday before settling down with the whisky; 1℥ Maker's Mark, 1℥ Buffalo Trace, 1℥ Chairman's Reserve, 1℥ Antica Formula, 1℥ Bénédictine, 2♏︎ Angostura bitters, 2♏︎ Abbott's bitters. Tried to make a Vieux Carre but went wrong. Spicy!
2020-04-01 Quickly thrown together sort of bitter whiskey sidecar for our first remote Top Hat #CocktailWednesday: 2℥ Buffalo Trace, 1℥ Stellacello, ½℥ lemon juice. Don't think this will join the regular rotation.
2020-03-28 Today has been trying so far, so #CocktailSaturday arrives early, roughly following @cleanskies' prescription: 2℥ Buffalo Trace, 1℥ lemon juice, ½℥ licor de torro. Mostly tastes of butter. …
2020-03-26 Spending #CocktailThursday seeing how close I can get to a Last Word. The answer is 2℥ Sacred Old Tom, 1℥ Bénédictine, ½℥ amaretto, ½℥ very old cherry brandy, 1℥ lemon juice, or, to put it another way, not very.
2020-03-22 Alright, time to stop mucking around. #CocktailSunday concludes with a Sidecar, my way: 3℥ Rémy Martin VSOP, 1℥ Cointreau, ⅓℥ lemon juice. Fucking perfect.
2020-03-22 #CocktailSunday reloads: 2℥ White Rhino rye, 1℥ Stellacello, ½℥ lemon juice. This is even weirder. Not sure how to describe this. Reciprocal Um Bongo mixed with orange marker pen.
2020-03-22 The last fresh lemons in Harringay (lol no) come to #CocktailSunday: ½℥ lemon juice joins 2℥ White Rhino rye and 1℥ Vecchio Amaro del Capo in a sort of astral Sidecar. It's bracing! Sharp, bitter, citric, weirdly savoury. Should have had this before dinner rather than after.
2020-03-21 No #CocktailSaturday would be complete without a Vieux Carré variation, and 1℥ White Rhino rye, 1℥ Cockspur fine rum, 1℥ Ramazzotti amaro, ½℥ Bénédictine, 1♏︎ Sainsbury's aromatic bitters, 1♏︎ Angostura bitters is it! Bit weird. Amaro dominates. Not unpleasant.
2020-03-21 #CocktailSaturday accelerates with the Ramazzita (?!), being is 1½℥ White Rhino rye, ½℥ Ramazotti amaro, ½℥ Antica Formula, ½℥ Lillet Blanc, 2♏︎ Sainsbury's aromatic bitters. More black treacle and liquorice this time, hmm.
2020-03-21 Okay @rnalexander, the Ryesita is 1½℥ White Rhino rye, ½℥ Vecchio Amaro del Capo, ½℥ Antica Formula, ½℥ Lillet Blanc, 2♏︎ Sainsbury's aromatic bitters, and it tastes like a fire in a chemical factory. #CocktailSaturday
2020-03-20 Can't lock down #CocktailFriday, where with sanity fast deserting us we mix 2℥ White Rhino new make rye, 1℥ Lillet blanc, ½℥ Glayva, and 2♏︎ Sainsbury's aromatic bitters. I love the combination of white vermouth and smoky spirit, here it's chalky and mineral here.
2020-01-06 Following the instructions for once on #CocktailMonday - 2℥ cognac, 2℥ Lillet Blanc, ½℥ Suze, 1♏︎ Angostura bitters, 1♏︎ Peychaud's bitters. I didn't have any sugar syrup, but that would round this out nicely - intriguing hints of fruit and wood. …
2020-01-05 #CocktailSunday collects the set with 2℥ Sacred Old Tom gin, 1℥ Cointreau, ⅓℥ lemon juice. Just a White Lady, but using a particularly juicy and rounded gin that's gone out of fashion, so Coco Austin I guess.
2020-01-05 #CocktailSunday rolls on to 2℥ Old Simon genever, 1℥ Cointreau, ⅓℥ lemon juice, I suppose a Dutch White Lady. Unlike its namesake, short and extremely agreeable. Genever is dangerously drinkable stuff.
2020-01-05 As foretold by prophecy, #CocktailSunday rallies with 2℥ White Rhino unaged rye spirit, 1℥ St Germain, ⅓℥ lemon juice. The fuller flavour of the St Germain smooths out the rye nicely.
2020-01-05 #CocktailSunday lives! 2℥ White Rhino unaged rye spirit, 1℥ Cointreau, ⅓℥ lemon juice. Basically a my-style Sidecar with crazy fresh smoky rye hooch. It works, but it's still a little harsh. More or a different liqueur, perhaps? I did just buy a fresh bottle of St Germain ...
2019-10-27 Using up junk for a #CocktailSunday apéritif: 2℥ Bardinet VSOP, 1℥ Antica Formula, ½℥ Licor de Turrón, 2♏︎ Sainsbury's aromatic bitters. Structurally a semi-vieux carré (vieux semi-carré?). Mostly tastes of turrón! Might work with that toned down, but i made a big glass.
2019-09-18 MF Doom inspires more #CocktailWednesday mad science: The Drop is 1℥ Cockspur fine rum, 1℥ dry oloroso sherry, ⅔℥ Antica Formula, ⅓℥ ginger wine, 1♏︎ Abbott's bitters, 1♏︎ Sainsbury's aromatic bitters. A perverted Vieux Carré. Aromatic, bright, slightly dry. Approved!
2019-09-16 A rough and ready #CocktailMonday after a very long day, using up all the cheap crap i've bought from Sainsbury's over the years: 2℥ Cockspur Fine Rum, 1℥ ginger wine, 2♏︎ Sainsbury's aromatic bitters. This is actually rather enjoyable! Light and summery. I am so tired.
2019-08-24 Going a sedate 110% this #CocktailSaturday: 2℥ Physic gin, 1℥ Cointreau, ⅓℥ lemon juice, 1♏︎ orange bitters makes a slightly more intense and bitter White Lady. Given the Oxford gin, maybe a Hildebeast?
2019-08-03 #CocktailSaturday sees the rather weird junction of 1℥ smoked rum, 1℥ cognac, 1℥ nocino, 1℥ Noilly Prat, 1♏︎ Abbott's bitters, and 1♏︎ orange bitters. Slightly herbal and very sweet, like a vieux carré from a hell dimension.
2019-07-27 On this cool and autumnal, er, July lunchtime, #CocktailSaturday sees a warming Manhattany formula of 2℥ smoked rum, 1℥ nocinio, and 2♏︎ Abbot's bitters. This really works, although the nocinio is a bit lost. Might try this again in the winter.
2019-07-19 On #CocktailFriday i give you the Electric Sidecar: 2℥ Révérie VS cognac, ⅔℥ Stellacello, ⅓℥ Suze, ⅓℥ lemon juice. I used crap cognac because i thought it might be grim, but actually, the Suze is subdued, but contributes a bitter tickle after the complex citrusy slap.
2019-07-14 Ill-advised #CocktailSunday while cooking a late supper, what I might call a Catalan Sidecar: 2℥ Pierre Ferrand 1840, 1℥ Fleur de Couscouille, ⅓℥ lemon juice. Even with a light cognac, the subtle flavour of the liqueur mostly manifests as an ill-defined strangeness.
2019-07-02 Trying to develop the feelgood hit of the summer this #CocktailTuesday. 2℥ Drumshanbo gin, ½℥ Stellacello, ½℥ Magnum tonic wine, ⅓℥ lemon juice probably isn't it, sadly. Does tame the Magnum, though, first time I've managed that.
2019-06-16 An unwise #CocktailSunday digestif/nightcap, a Martinez that I'd forgotten how to make, so it's more of a negroni: 2℥ Old Simon genever, 1℥ Antica Formula, ½℥ Suze. The Suze is tamed nicely - until the aftertaste hits. Adding Abbot's bitters works nicely, but maybe too busy.
2019-06-08 #CocktailSaturday continues with an ingredient-driven experiment: 2℥ Old Simon genever, 1℥ Fleur de Couscouille, 1♏︎ Abbott's bitters. Fine, quite subtle, a little strange, maybe needs something more. Might work as a Sidecar/Aviation style thing?
2019-06-08 On #CocktailSaturday resuming my negroni research with what I might call a golden negroni: 1℥ Suze, 1℥ Antica Formula, 1℥ Old Simon genever. It's got Antica in, so it's delicious, but the flavour of the Suze is swamped (though the obscene bitterness is not).
2019-06-06 Pre-shopping #CocktailThursday, a very exciting white negroni: 1℥ Drumshanbo gin, 1℥ Suze, 1℥ Noilly Prat, bitter, woody, slightly citrusy, but a bit thin; adding 1♏︎ orange bitters helped, but it needs more something from somewhere.
2019-05-27 In the dying moments of #CocktailSunday, 1½℥ Buffalo Trace, ½℥ Antica Formula, ½℥ Tennessee Honey (!), 3♏︎ Abbott's bitters make a Goldstone, named for the program i was investigating a prod alert for while drinking it. The bitters are firmly on top here, but it works.
2019-05-06 Bank holiday #CocktailMonday: mucking around with a Martinez, 2℥ Old Simon genever, ⅔℥ Antica Formula, ⅓℥ Fleur de Couscouille, 2♏︎ orange bitters. Basically just tastes of Antica Formula, so need to dial that back a bit. Maybe also the bitters.
2019-04-10 Revisiting this for #cocktailwednesday, this time as 2℥ Doorly's 12yo rum, 1℥ Antica Formula, ½℥ Licor de Turrón, 1♏ Angostura bitters, 1♏ Peychaud's bitters. A rare case where the sweetness of the Licor de Turrón doesn't overpower - in fact the nuttiness fits in nicely. …
2019-04-04 Was intending not to drink, but then @ratkins got me thinking about amaretto, so #CocktailThursday sees an attempt at cake - 2℥ kirsch, 1℥ amaretto, 2♏︎ orange bitters. Not quite there. Maybe this would work sidecar-style, with lemon juice rather than bitters.
2019-04-01 Cheeky #CocktailMonday, another stab at the Martinez: 2℥ À La Madame gin, 1℥ Antica Formula, ½℥ Bénédictine, 1♏︎ Angostura. That is an odd Italian gin made with warm spices; doesn't have the malty spirit character of an old jenever, but fits in better than a dry gin. Good.
2019-03-31 Mad #CocktailSunday science sees the birth of the Jurassic Martinez: 1℥ Drumshanbo gin, 1℥ Buffalo Trace, 1℥ Antica Formula, ½℥ Bénédictine, 1♏︎ Angostura. I read the gin in this was originally sweet, malty, and aged, hence the gin/whisky blend. Don't have any Maraschino.
2019-03-26 Trying to come up with a rum and blood orange combo for #CocktailTuesday: 2℥ Doorly's 12yo, 1℥ amaretto, ½℥ blood orange juice, doesn't really work, not sure why not.
2019-03-25 One more for #CocktailMonday, a different Spiced Rumhattan, 2℥ Pusser's Spiced, 1℥ Antica Formula, 1♏ Angostura; very different, a real galleon-full-of-spices-crossing-the-Tropic-of-Cancer deal. Might just be my lead Angostura hand, though, need to calibrate that.
2019-03-25 Shouldn't really drink this #CocktailMonday (tail end of a cold, early start tomorrow), but the Rumhattan Project can't wait. 2℥ Doorly's 12yo, 1℥ Magnum tonic wine, 1♏ Angostura this time - not bitter enough, the Magnum is basically strawberry bootlaces. More Angostura helps.
2019-03-24 Quick #CocktailSunday afternoon wakeup measure: a rumhattan, being 2℥ Doorly's 12yo, 1℥ Antica Formula, and 2+♏ Angostura. I keep trying to make this, and it keeps not quite working for me - too serious, too bitter - but that is probably my failing rather than the drink's.
2019-03-21 On #CocktailThursday we are strong supporters of MF Doom: the Reformed Raedawn subs the triple shot of 'gnac with 1℥ Courvoisier Fontainebleau; the chaser of bong water with 1℥ Laphroaig Cairdeas 2014, 1℥ Noilly Prat, ½℥ Bénédictine, 1♏︎ ea. Angostura and Peychaud's bitters
2019-03-12 On #cocktailtuesday i am attempting to take a vieux carré in a smoky marmalade direction - 1℥ Laphroaig Cairdeas 2014, 1℥ Buffalo Trace, 1℥ Antica Formula, ½℥ Glayva. The right level of smoke, but not enough of the Antica's bitter citrus. Still a pleasure to drink, though!
2019-03-10 Quick #cocktailsunday before going shopping: 2℥ Doorly's 12yo rum, 1℥ Stellacello, ½℥ blood orange juice. Another sidecar mutant, rum and orange is perhaps an unusual flavour combo, but it works - rather marmaladey.
2019-03-09 A last-minute #cocktailsaturday: the 'quatre carré', 2℥ Doorly's 12yo rum, 1℥ Antica Formula, ¼℥ Bénédictine, 1♏ Angostura bitters, 1♏ Peychaud's bitters; a vieux carré, with rum as the sole spirit. Doorly's is from the Foursquare distillery, hence the name. It really works!
2019-03-08 #cocktailfriday: a vieux carré
2019-02-28 Been a while since the last #cocktailthursday, but tonight it is 2℥ Talisker 10yo whisky, 1℥ ginger wine, and 1℥ quince and lemon syrup (left over from making a crumble). Mostly tastes of smoke, but there's some ginger and lemon under there. Should try with an unpeated whisky.
2019-02-03 I'm still counting this as #cocktailsaturday: 1℥ Rendezvous rye whiskey, 1℥ Chairman's Reserve rum, 1℥ Bénédictine, 2♏︎ orange bitters. I wanted the buttery taste of the rye, couldn't be bothered to juice a lemon, but then got completely lost. Not bad, but not recommended.
2019-01-26 2℥ Red Leg spiced rum, ⅔℥ ginger wine, ⅓℥ amaretto, 2♏︎ orange bitters. There's a lot going on, but harmoniously - this is a winner. #cocktailsaturday
2019-01-26 2℥ Red Leg spiced rum, 1℥ crème de cacao, 2♏︎ orange bitters, definitely a bit of a dessert, but there's enough contrast and bitterness to save it from insipidity - i quite like this. #cocktailsaturday
2019-01-26 A simple #cocktailsaturday pre-lunch loosener of 2℥ Tullibardine 228 whisky, 1℥ Bénédictine, ⅓℥ lemon juice. The Tullibardine is quite sweet as whisky goes, but still contributes much more flavour than sickliness here - this packs a punch.
2019-01-21 Trying things somewhat at random: 2℥ Rendezvous Rye, 1℥ licor de torró, 3♏︎ orange bitters. With crème de cacao was too plain, this is too nutty. Should try a mix, or with amaretto, nocino, etc. #cocktailmonday
2019-01-20 A kind of turbo-sidecar: 2℥ Courvoisier Fontainebleau, ⅓℥ Stellacello (hipster grapefruit limoncello, est 2012), ⅔℥ Glayva (naff tangerine and spice liqueur, est 1947), ⅓℥ lemon juice. Cointreau is wasted space, Stellacello actually has something to add. #cocktailsunday
2019-01-20 Trying to relive my Christmas cake memories with 2℥ Chairman's Reserve rum, ⅔℥ amaretto, ⅓℥ aged cherry brandy, ⅓℥ lemon juice. It works, but it's a bit silly really. #cocktailsunday
2019-01-12 Making an Elder Fashioned on this #CocktailSaturday - 3℥ Tanqueray Ten, 1℥ St Germain, dash orange bitters - on the suggestion of someone off Reddit. The muscular gin stands up well to the insistent liqueur.
2019-01-08 Just really needed a drink, so made a tweaked Sidecar with three things i want to get rid of - 2℥ Rêverie VS cognac, ½℥ past-it St Germain, ½℥ ginger wine, ⅓℥ lemon juice. The ginger wine is pretty rough, but the St Germain still overpowers it. Drinkable! #CocktailTuesday
2019-01-06 Healthy living in the new year! Brandy Alexanders made with semi-skimmed milk. #CocktailSunday
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