LiveCDs for the Mac

Okay, so i broke the Mac at work, and now it won't boot - gives me the old 'operating system not found' line. Until the tech support guys get it fixed ("shortly after the heat death of the universe", it said in their email), i'm going to try booting off a CD; this is what we call a LiveCD. So, what are my options?

Er, under construction ...


ubuntu 2003 3/2004 gnoppix 1/2005

all the linux stuff is in beta.

gentoo - but this is really just an installer

BootCd  - can this just make an OS X livecd?

got to be a bsd cd ...

Given that the Gnoppix CD for the Mac is still in beta (0.9.9b1 on 2005-01-27) and not obviously downloadable, i went for Ubuntu 5.04. It booted and ran smoothly, but so slowly as to be unusable; i don't blame Ubuntu for this particularly - it's pretty old hardware. I'm pretty impressed that it worked at all, really; i'm always amazed that Linux works.