National Bramley Apple Pie Week

Bramley Apple Pie Week (which i have elevated to 'National BAPW') is a cynical marketing exercise by the Bramley Apple Information Service, and an excuse to make and eat apple pies.

However, the BAIS don't do a very good job of publicising the date, so here are dates so far:

It seems that it's the week starting with the second monday in October, at least since 2002. On that basis, here are the predicted dates for the next few years:

A look at the BAIS website of today (2007-07-17, seven fans) shows no trace of NBAPW, only National Bramley Apple Week, which is in february. There used to be distinct official apple and apple pie weeks. Well, looks like it's now an unofficial event, and since this page is the only hit for the phrase on google, i hereby declare myself UNDERGROUND BRAMLEY APPLE PIE KING. I have made a Facebook event for it, check it out.