Open Source Drawing Tools

I want a drawing program that doesn't suck. I have Illustrator at work, but that sucks hard. My definition of 'not sucks' is 'gives me the drawing power i had with goddamn MacDraw in 1984' (or better yet, ClarisWorks in the '90s, which was basically MacDraw with a few extra bells and whistles). Illustrator fails the sucks test because it's so complicated - i'm sure it's terribly capable, and is the choice of professionals, but its complexity actually makes it very non-powerful for idiots like me.

I also don't want to pay for this non-sucking drawing program, so i'm going to look at open source drawing tools. I don't have the time to look at each one carefully right now, so i'm just going to make a list of links.

OS X ship with OmniGraffle, which is apparently quite good, so1 perhaps i can just use that.

Of course, if you're running MacOS, you could always just download MacDraw (1.9.5). Of course, you would be breaking the law if you did this.

I could probably even knock up a MacDraw clone (HackDraw!) in Java without too much difficulty. Or perhaps Python with wx; i've been meaning to learn that ...