Run-D.M.C. vs The Beastie Boys

Aa good 50% of Beastie Boys lyrics are lines lifted straight from Run-D.M.C.. Or maybe vice versa, who knows. I will now catalogue them. Note that this is very much a work in progess; i've got a list in a text file somewhere which i'll find and add. Submissions to <>.

Lyric Run-D.M.C. Track Beasties Track
And if I got a new rhyme I'll just say it Sucker MCs Super Disco Breakin'
I'm the king of rock, there is none higher King of Rock Putting Shame In Your Game (NB: s/rock/boggle/)
Not five, not four, not three, just two Jam Master Jay 3 The Hard Way (NB: swaps the last two numbers)
It's like that y'all, but we don't quit It's Tricky Can't Won't Don't Stop (NB: the Beasties neither can, nor will, nor do stop, rather than not quitting)
It's time to get ill My Adidas Time to Get Ill
We get down with no delay King of Rock Three MCs And One DJ (NB: rather than simply get down, the Beasties be getting down)
Fresh ... For you ... Rock Box (NB: the wrong way round) That's It That's All
God damn that DJ made my day Peter Piper Three MCs And One DJ (NB: here, sampled from the Biz - go figure)

Maybe the solution is to get the complete lyrics of both bands from somewhere and run BLAST over them or something ...